Man holding phone with Nessa app on screen

Nessa is a web based application that you can access on your smart-phone, tablet or computer.

What does Nessa do?

Nessa offers:

  • A clinical checklist to determine how many nursing hours you might need
  • In-built systems that allow you to upload and track your NDIS funds
  • A “My Team” section to keep track of your NDIS team members
  • Options to enter appointment times and set personalised reminders
  • Access to our myth-busting database

How does Nessa help users?

  • A secure place to store all your NDIS information
  • Funding tracking regardless if you self-manage
    or not
  • Tailored email alerts for appointments and
    invoice payments
  • Access to the database of myth-busting factsheets
  • Capacity to track when and how your NDIS funds are being spent
  • The app is completely free for NDIS participants and anyone can use it

Launch Nessa by clicking the link below:

If you are experiencing problems opening Nessa in Internet Explorer, please try an alternative browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.