Customer Hub

Welcome to our Customer Hub.

This is a space for you, our customers, to be able to find useful and interesting information to help you stay connected now and into the future.

Our Customer Hub will evolve based on your needs, the changing environment we live in and the introduction of new technology. As we evolve our goal is that this will become a space to help you connect with other people living with disability across Western Australia and to build an accessible and supportive community.

If you have information you’d like us to consider to be included please email

This month's theme is Accessibility





A Capability Switch is a button or lever that enables people with a disability to operate adapted toys and devices through direct touch. In this video clip Malachi is demonstrating head control to press the wireless switch mounted on his chair to operate his iPad.

Assistive Technology is for people living with disability to increase their independence. In this video clip our customer Nick shares his story about using different technology and how an app on his phone has positively impacted his life.