CP Checklist

CP Respiratory Checklist - Determine your risk

Each year, one in fourteen children and young people (aged up to 26 years) with cerebral palsy (CP) is admitted to hospital with respiratory illness. Two in five of these young people are re-admitted the next year with some experiencing multiple admissions.    

To help young people with CP and the families to identify early risks of respiratory disease, we surveyed 551 young people with CP (aged 1 to 26 years) and their parents about their respiratory health in 2011-12. We then tracked their rate of hospital admissions for three years, enabling us to identify risk factors for subsequent respiratory hospital admissions in children and young people with CP.

We used this research to create an interactive online respiratory checklist that aims to identify early warning signs of respiratory disease. This checklist and alerts young people with CP and their parents as to what risk factors to watch out for.    

By identifying early risk factors for respiratory disease, our aim is to improve the quality of life of children and young people with CP, reducing hospital admissions, and potentially preventing irreversible lung damage.

Developed in conjunction with Ability Centre, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, and Telethon Kids Institute, the CP Respiratory Checklist is a short interactive checklist that aims to determine risk for children and young people with cerebral palsy.

The questions are based on research conducted in Western Australia between 2011 and 2017.

Research team: Dr Marie Blackmore, Lisa Moshovis, Dr Noula Gibson, James Davies (Ability Centre), Dr Andrew Wilson, Dr Katherine Langdon, and Natasha Bear (Princess Margaret Hospital for Children). The original survey was funded by Health Networks Funding from the WA Health Department. The linkage and checklist were funded by individual contributions to Ability Centre research and by Non-Government Centre Support.