Service Agreement and Rate Schedules

Ability Centre and you

A Service Agreement is a written agreement between a Service Provider and a Customer (or their Authorised Representative). The purpose of this Agreement is to document a personalised and self-directed service and support arrangement for the Customer.

Ability Centre agrees to provide the services and supports as outlined in the Service Agreement and the Customer consents to the provision of these services and supports.

In our Customer Welcome Information you will receive our Terms and ConditionsTravel and Cancellation Charges Fact Sheet and Feedback Form.

Our Privacy Policy is available online. Click here for information about our Support Coordination Services.

Service Agreement

A Service Agreement must be agreed and signed by the Customer and the Service Provider prior to the provision of services to the Customer.

Rates Schedules

Click here to view Insurance Commission of WA Rate Schedules.

Please contact our Customer Engagement Team on 1300 106 106 or email should you have any queries.