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A home built around your needs

We are working with our trusted SDA partners to offer our customers modern and high quality SDA homes for living. The new SDA homes combine contemporary and thoughtful design with functional and accessible features, so you can live a safe and independent life. 

Our experienced team of support workers and therapists will support you to make the most of your new SDA house - so that your house becomes your home. 

Quality design

  • Inviting and spacious living areas
  • Modern kitchens with accessible design features
  • Bedrooms with large private ensuite bathroom and storage
  • Contemporary assistive technologies with homes that can be adapted to your individual needs. 

Living supports

  • Contemporary and relevant living supports so you can realise your goals and abilities
  • Creating opportunities to connect with your local community
  • Support from first step to transitioning into your new home
  • Working alongside highly regarded therapists, nurses and clinicians specialising in positive behaviour therapy


  • Well located for shops and amenities including recreation, health and medical services
  • Close to public transport for greater independence
  • A balance of living spaces for privacy and socialising

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Specialist Disability Accommodation Summary 
This leaflet is a summary of SDA Home and Living information.

Home and Living for SDA Planning Workbook 
Handy workbook to help you think about your preferred SDA housing options, and how you want to live in the future.

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