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Our commitment to a life without limits motivates us to provide leading therapy services and supports. Our experienced team are trained in not only ascertaining your unique requirements and expectations, but exceeding them. Our long history in providing support in the community is based on years of research, work and experience, supported by a full complement of industry accreditations.

In-home Baby Intervention Service

Ability Centre now offers an In-home Baby Intervention Service (IBIS) for infants who have been identified by medical professionals as being at risk of neurodevelopmental delay. This innovative family-centred program will monitor a baby’s progress and offer advice and strategies to support their development, well-being and participation within everyday routines.

IBIS is a free service provided by Ability Centre, funded by Telethon. Please see our referral form for more details about eligibility criteria and locations that this service will be available.

If you have any questions about this service or would like to discuss a possible referral please contact us on 1300 106 106 or

Early Intervention

For children with disability aged 0-7, our therapists focus on providing effective intervention from the earliest possible time. We do this by ensuring each child has the opportunity to develop, enhance and maintain skills in their home, pre-primary and community settings.

Services are delivered through individualised intervention initiatives that include opportunities for skill development for the child, and can include:

  • Home visits or sessions at Ability Centre to address goals that have been identified by families at Family Meetings
  • Kindergarten visits, school visits, or visits to Child Care Centres – to provide information and support to staff
  • Invitations to group programs

School Age

For children and teenagers with disability aged 6 to 18, we aim to provide families with a dedicated team through which therapy, services and support can be accessed. Our team work with you or your child to identify individual goals and priorities and focus on delivering the therapy and support that will assist in developing increased independence and participation.

As well as the full range of therapy services available at Ability Centre, there are a number of specialist services that can also be accessed including Gait Analysis,  Upper Limb movement analysis, Orthotics, Mealtime, Dietetics, Lower Limb, Spinal and a Stepping Out Clinic (equipment to assist walking).

Consultancy Services

Additional Therapy, Private Options and Overseas Families

Ability Centre is registered to provide services through the following funding sources:

  • Better Start 
  • Helping Children with Autism (HCWA)
  • Post Intervention Therapy Support (PITS)

If you are already accessing services through Ability Centre or elsewhere, but would like to receive additional support, Ability Centre can offer you a consultancy service to explore additional therapy options that suit your needs. Talk to a member of our team to find out more.

For more information on our Therapy and Health Services, please call 1300 106 106 or email

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