Support in the Home

Support worker with customer outdoors

A person’s home should provide a sense of belonging, comfort and security. At Ability Centre, we offer a diverse range of accommodation and support solutions for adults with disability to provide the right option that suits your needs.

Self-directed Services and Supports

Finding the right supports to assist with living in your own home can be challenging. Our Self-Directed Services Program specialises in working with you to design, plan and deliver your support arrangements, based on what is important to you. You decide how involved you want to be in managing your support arrangements, which can involve a small team of Ability Centre staff working with you in your home and community to best meet your needs or our support to assist you to employ your own staff.

Transitional Shared Living

At Ability Centre, we offer support at all stages of people’s lives. One of our shared living options includes around the clock support for individuals with high support and health needs looking to transition into shared living for the first time whilst accessing Ability Centre’s experienced therapy and health services. This unique option is located alongside the beautiful Yokine Reserve and can provide life skills and rehabilitation support for individuals with high support needs. 

Ability Centre also offers a diverse range of transition options for children and adults looking to move into a shared living home over time, requiring an urgent accommodation option or have time to develop a customised living arrangement, such as a co-resident arrangement.

Shared Living

Our shared living homes are located across the Perth Metropolitan area and support over 135 individuals. The homes have been specially built and modified to take into account the needs of our individuals and are located in areas with easy access to the local communities surrounding them. The homes range in size from two to six bedroom units, and are supported by a dedicated and professional team of staff with optional access to professional nursing support for those with individualised nursing funding. Individuals enjoy an environment that provides common areas to socialise with fellow residents or their own space when preferred to relax and enjoy some quiet time.

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