Community access

Support worker having coffee with customer

For all of us, being part of a community and having valued pastimes is vital. At Ability Centre, we support your engagement with the community and help you to develop the life skills needed to pursue your interests and enjoy life, just the way you like it.

Our Opportunities Service

Opportunities provides community-based support that is flexible and tailored to meet your needs and interests. We will support you in your local community as you try new things, meet new people, work towards independence and create positive experiences that are meaningful to you.

You will be supported by enthusiastic and dedicated members of our team who are skilled and trained to assist you with your personal support needs as well as your individual aspirations and interests.

Recreation Support

Our Recreation Team are the adventurous type and are always looking for a new way to provide access to an active sport and leisure lifestyle for people with disability. From winery tours to surfing, we can help you get involved in the active side of your community.

Speak to our team and hear the stories from our organised holidays, concerts, festivals, fishing trips and game days at AFL and Wildcats matches.

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