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Meet Joe Michell Scholar Ashleigh

Ashleigh Johannes

18yr old High School Graduate

Bachelor of Youth Work at ECU

A little bit about Ashleigh

Ashleigh graduated from High School in 2019 and has decided to use the first half of this year to complete the ECU prep-course to get ahead and get a feel for the campus lifestyle. Unfortunately for Ashleigh, COVID-19 made things a little tricky, with classes being switched to online after only 3 weeks.

Ashleigh said it has been a challenge going from high school to university to online learning but she managed it and looking forward to starting her Bachelor in Youth Work next semester.

“I ultimately decided to study Youth Work simply because I want to be able to help people. Living with a disability as well as being a teenage girl can be extremely challenging at times, and I would be so grateful if my career could consist of passing on what I have learnt to young people who need it,” Ashleigh said.

While there are benefits of studying from home, like comfort and flexibility in time frames, there are also downfalls with almost everyone in the Johannes household was either studying or working from home on a regular basis over the past few months. This proved to be a challenge for Ashleigh, particularly during exam period.

Ashleigh’s plans of starting a part-time job, whilst studying, had to be put on hold but Ashleigh hopes to be able to get a job, sooner rather than later. Having missed the physical interactions of on campus study for the first semester, Ashleigh is hopeful to make friends in her classes now that they will return to normal when the semester starts at the end of July.

We can’t wait to hear about how she is finding her Bachelor of Youth Work later in the year and find out what she has learned so far.