Fitness success for Tyng

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Fitness success for Tyng

Getting fit, improving her strength and using the gym on a regular basis was at the top of Tyng Lim’s goals. Panama Team Leader Deepali helped her apply for a Community Living and Participation Grant, which she received, to make this goal more achievable.

In January, Tyng joined the Thornlie Leisure World Gym and with the support of her regular Support Worker Sabrina began attending the gym. Deepali said, ‘At the start Tyng did just a few exercises she felt comfortable with but after only a short time with the advice from Occupational Therapist, Fern she added a few more exercises.’

‘Sabrina and Tyng have since developed a Gym Plan so that Tyng feels comfortable and exercise without disruption and that any one of our Support Workers can assist her,’ said.

Now after 10 months, Tyng has achieved some amazing results including increasing her weights and the number of reps she can lift. Tyng said, ‘I feel fitter and more confident and other gym goers have been complimenting me on my progress.’

Through this gym experience, Tyng has found the confidence to step out of her comfort zone. Great work Tyng!