Kushan flies in for treatment

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Kushan flies in for treatment

Earlier this year, Kushan and his family travelled from Colombo, Sri Lanka to receive a range of services from Ability Centre.

Ability Centre’s Community Inclusion Worker, Sally Denton spent a lot of time with Kushan during his time in Australia, coordinating therapy and equipment service with the Ability Centre Team. Sally said “Kushan’s story is inspiring, he was involved in a hit and run accident over 10 years ago, where he pushed his friend out of the way of an oncoming car and bore the full impact of the vehicle, resulting in an acquired brain injury and permanent disability.

While he was here he had occupational therapy, speech and physiotherapy sessions but his favourite was the hydrotherapy program. Being out of his chair and singing his favourite songs while exercising put a huge smile on his face. Kushan never lost his amazing sense of humour and has been such fun to work with during his stay in Perth.”

The therapy that he received and the equipment he was able to purchase while in Australia will have a big impact on his life back in Sri-Lanka. The team are looking forward to his next visit to Perth and working with him again.