World-first sleep study looking for participants

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Does your child have trouble sleeping because they get too hot and sweaty? 

Sue McCabe, Senior OT and Sleep Solutions Specialist at Ability Centre, is conducting a world-first study for children with cerebral palsy who have sleep problems because they get too hot. 

Sue has been running a clinical trial of the special bedding, as part of her PhD studies, and is seeking final group of ​participants. The trial will take place over 8 weeks during Term 3 and each participant will receive special 'thermoregulation bedding' to test.

We are looking for participants that:

  • have cerebral palsy (or a similar condition)
  • are between 6 and 18 years old
  • get too hot and sweaty when you sleep
  • live within 3 hours drive from Perth CBD

If you fit this critertia, Sue would love to chat to you further and provide you with more information. Please contact Sue McCabe on 0403 285 855 or