Recruiting for Project - Future Thinking: A Good Life

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About the study

The ‘Future Thinking: A Good Life Project’ is a research project conducted by Ability Centre and aims to find out what kinds of information will be useful to help people with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities to prepare and plan for changes which may happen and impact on everyday lives.

Once feedback and suggestions are gathered, there will be information materials developed to assist individuals, their families and networks, and service providers to understand and plan for future changes.


Who can be involved?

  • Adults or teenagers with cerebral palsy or a similar physical disability
  • Family members or people who work with and support an adult or teenager with cerebral palsy or a similar physical disability


What does participation involve?

We would like this research project to be as convenient and enjoyable to you as possible, so we have come up with a few different ways for you to be involved. We would like you to assist with one or more of the following three things:

  1. Fill out a short questionnaire to help us understand your background, your experiences and thoughts for the future.
  2. Attend an informal focus group to share stories and have a yarn before and after the information is created, OR if an informal group isn’t for you for any reason, chat with us individually.
  3. Give us feedback on the information created.

Who do I contact to be involved or find out more?

Please contact a member of the Project Team:

Jade Byfield     Project Leader

9443 0236  or


Kerry Allan–Zinner    Consumer Liaison Officer

9443 0236  or