A ‘wheely’ good time had by all!

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A ‘wheely’ good time had by all!

It’s been a hive of activity at Herb Graham recreation centre across the January school holidays as Ability Centre’s Bike Club kicks into gear!

For one hour, over three mornings, a group of keen bike-riders have been putting their skills to the test under the watchful eye of Ability Centre therapists and support staff.

The kids - ranging in age from four to 10 – have all set themselves an individual goal to improve their bike skills over the three days, with some keen to get off their training wheels while others want to improve their balance and coordination.

Ability Centre physiotherapist Megan Grant says the bike club is a great way to get the kids mobile and to increase their confidence on a bike so they can join in rides with family and friends.

“Many of the kids just need that little extra help to feel ready to get off their training wheels and use their bike more. By having therapists and support staff work with them in a fun environment it’s just the motivation they need to reach their goals.

At the same time they are getting fitter and exercising more and that has a really positive impact all round.”

Six-year-old Tyler’s mum Jacquie says the bike club is a big plus when it comes to helping him get the skills he needs to be able to get out-and-about with his older brothers.

Whilst six-year-old Alessia’s mum Amanda says the club provides a real confidence boost for her daughter when it comes to improving her bike skills.

“Alessia is really happy to try new things and push herself a little harder when she has the Ability Centre staff helping her ride around. It’s also great because her younger brother Cristian can also come along and join in the fun.”

As for four-year-old Alix, his mum Keira noticed an improvement from day one of bike club and says he absolutely loves getting on his bicycle and taking on the obstacle course.

The January course follows on from a successful bike club run during the October school holidays, with plans now in place for similar sessions across 2017.