Intensive therapy success

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Intensive therapy success

Ability Centre recently completed a pilot program that saw two  physiotherapists from the North Hub conduct intensive therapy with school aged children for five consecutive days.

Seven children participated in the holiday program, with families electing for their child to receive 1 or 1.5 hour blocks of physiotherapy every day. 

This approach was ideal for children focusing on a specific goal that could be achieved within the consolidated timeframe, such as learning to walk up unfamiliar stairs or walking independently for over 10 metres.

100% of the families involved said that they would happily access the Intensive Block Therapy program in future and would recommend it to other families. Having the daily session during the school holidays meant the children were less tired after a day in the classroom and it was easier to fit into busy routines. It also meant that there was less chance of ‘reverting’ or forgetting what had been learned so advances were maximised.

 “The goals we set on the first day Riley achieved by the last day. I cannot believe how far he had come in just 5 days. He was unable to step along furniture well and is now cruising along everything he can.” - Liz, Riley's mum.

“The intensive therapy blocks really helped my son, both when we did iRehab at PMH and this time around at Ability Centre. My son has shown huge gains.” - Rupal, Naman's mum.

“Chloe came home and got a ball out of Kieren’s room, carried it with both hands out, through the living room, onto and off the foam mat without losing her balance at all, all the way to the window in the playroom. Unbelievable! I think I need cameras set up in the house to catch her doing things like this!” - Madeleine, Chloe's mum. 

Ability Centre strives to provide services that are responsive to the needs of the individuals we support. If you are interested in what intensive therapy blocks can do for you, please contact your therapist or email