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Behind the walls of our Malaga workshop there’s a production line with a difference taking shape.

At first glance, it could be mistaken for a toy factory with a row of bright red, big-eyed, mini-wheeled machines lining the workshop floor, but closer inspection soon reveals the life-changing innovations that are being assembled.

CP Tech technicians have been busy these past weeks assembling our largest single batch yet of Wizzybugs.....kid-friendly, motorised mobility devices, mini powered wheelchairs specifically designed for children up to five years old.

The Wizzybug is designed to introduce young children to wheelchair use, teaching them how to control a chair and practice spatial awareness from early on.

Most importantly it allows them to get out and about more freely with greater independence and a better chance to socialise, as well as explore and enjoy with family and friends.

CP Tech is the sole Australian distributor for the Wizzybug and imports around 40 to 50 of the chairs every year. 

The bugs come from Designability in the UK, are assembled, tested and inspected by a team of technicians at CP Tech and then packed up and shipped off to fill orders around Australia, with the latest batch headed for excited children in New South Wales and Victoria.

“The great advantage of being able to bring the Wizzybugs in through CP Tech is that we can adapt them for individual needs around the country,” said Manager Fraser Clarke.

“We can fit our own custom designed trays and parts and also match special requests from therapists around Australia who may want to adapt certain elements of the Wizzybugs to suit the children they are working with.”

A further batch is expected to arrive at CP Tech’s Malaga workshop in early 2017.