Ability Centre welcomes Justin Scanlan as Chair

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Ability Centre welcomes Justin Scanlan as Chair

There has been a change to governance at Ability Centre, with Rob McDonald deciding to step down from the role as Chair of the Board of Directors. Rob has a firm connection and great commitment to our organisation and the people it supports and will remain as a fully invested member of the Board. However, he feels that at a time when the sector is going through such a radical transformation, conflicting work priorities means he does not have the adequate dedicated capacity required to properly fulfil the position of Chair during this critical time.

Rob was a highly respected Chair during his nearly 3 year tenure and navigated the organisation through noteworthy change, including a total rebrand, significant infrastructure growth  with the opening of two news hubs and new Early Intervention Centre, as well as the recruitment and  on boarding of a new CEO.

At a meeting of the board on Monday 22nd of August, Directors voted to elect Justin Scanlan, as the Chair.  As Deputy Chair, Justin is well positioned to transition into the Chairmanship and as the Head of Consultancy at PwC, Ability Centre will continue to benefit from his wealth of professional knowledge and experience as well as from his personal desire for the organisation to thrive.

Dan Butler, who is a senior associate with Lavan Legal has been elected to the position of Deputy Chair.  Dan’s skill set and capabilities have always been valued and his elevation to this new role reflects the respect of his Board peers.

Join me in thanking Rob for his passion and leadership, as well as welcoming Justin and Dan to the role of Chair and Deputy Chair of the Board of Directors.