CP Tech acquire FreeWheel distributorship

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CP Tech acquire FreeWheel distributorship

CP Tech has recently acquired a FreeWheel distributorship to complement their extensive product offering.

The FreeWheel is a front-wheel wheelchair attachment designed to be used on a manual rigid frame or folding wheelchairs that allows wheelchair users to traverse rough terrain easily and safely.

The distributorship cements Ability Centre’s position as a leader in customised technology and equipment for people with disability in Western Australia and paves the way for an exciting future for independent mobility.

CP Tech Manager Fraser Clarke said the addition of the FreeWheel product fits in well with CP Tech’s philosophy of providing customers with a range of products that represent quality and value.

“Our products are built on a passion for disability and an attention to detail. We strive to provide a great experience for our service users with safety always being paramount,” said Mr Clarke.

“Besides distributing the FreeWheel, we have the capabilities to service and support this new equipment in house at CP Tech.”

As to future product acquisitions, Mr Clark stated that “CP Tech is continuously looking at streamlining our supply chain, ensuring that we can get the best products at reasonable prices for our customers.”

For further information including pricing and availability, contact CP Tech on 08 9443 0210.