Country Resource Program visits the Goldfields

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Country Resource Program visits the Goldfields

Ability Centre’s Country Resources team members Dawn Brodie, Kate Prentice and Janet Beswick recently visited Kalgoorlie and Leonora as part of the Country Resource Program.

The purpose of the visit was to network with local and visiting service providers and initiate review appointments with a number of new and existing Ability Centre service users.

Numerous physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology assessments were carried out during the visit in addition to equipment reviews and adjustments. These adjustments included troubleshooting a speech output device failure on an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), which was preventing the individual from being able to communicate.

As always, the team made the most of the opportunity to meet with local people in their own environments.  The majority of appointments were arranged jointly with local West Australian Country Health Service (WACHS) therapists, reinforcing the strong culture of interagency liaison and the commitment to quality outcomes for our mutual service users. 

“Meeting people in their local environments gets everyone on the same page and always leads to developing better outcomes,” said Janet Beswick, Senior Occupational Therapist.

The highlight of the trip for the team was a day trip to Leonora, 220km north of Kalgoorlie. Dawn Brodie and Janet Beswick worked alongside Deanne Williams from Ability Centre’s Tjina Maala Centre and visited the local school, community health services and the WACHS Director of Nursing.  Meanwhile, Kate Prentice was fortunate to be able to spend the day observing the EarBus service in action. The EarBus is a not-for-profit mobile ear health service which provides hearing and ear health services throughout the Goldfields on a regular basis. 

Back in Kalgoorlie, the Ability Centre team met with Tjina Maala, My Way Coordinators, WACHS staff, the education department and teachers at the Education Support Centres. Ability Centre was able to network effectively, share information about services and provide professional development along with specialist support when requested.