Other Disability Funding Pathways

Depending on your situation, you may receive funding for your disability through a separate organisation, such as the WA Insurance Commission in cases of permanent disability through a motor vehicle accident. You’ll find further information on these funding pathways, and links, below.

Department of Communities (Disability Services)

The Department is responsible for advancing opportunities for people with disability. Over the next three years, the role of the Department will change as the NDIS rolls out in WA. Click here for the website.

Insurance Commission of WA (ICWA)

In cases where a disability has arisen through a motor vehicle accident, a claim may be made via the WAIC or the commission of your home state. Ability Centre is a registered provider for the WA State Insurance Commission. Click here for the website.

WorkCover WA

In cases where you require rehabilitation or medical treatment due to a workplace injury, WorkCover WA will oversee the worker’s compensation process and payouts. Click here for the website.

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