Information for Aboriginal Families

Storytelling can be a powerful way to share information and health messages.

Colouring booklets have been developed to help support Aboriginal youths during visits to hospital – Going to Hospital, and when dealing with grief and loss – Remembering my Family. Illustrations by Wongi artist Naomi Bonney (Noni Art & Design).                                   

Stories have been written in a general context and will not represent all Aboriginal people as each person is unique with their own background, culture and experiences.

Message Books for service providers and Aboriginal families have been developed to answer some questions services and families may have about caring for Aboriginal people with disabilities. Funded by the Non-Government Centre Support scheme, these resource share some stories and experiences of carers and people with disabilities.

The Message Book for Families provides families with information about types of supports and services, funding available and working together with service providers.

The Message Book for Disability Services provides Aboriginal views of disability, communication and language, empowering families and other topics of holistic health.

A warm thanks and acknowledgement is extended to families and stakeholders for their involvement sharing stories and photos. Appreciation noted to Belinda Mason for the use of the portraits in the Message Books.

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