Bungee Trampolining

Bungee Trampolining for Children with CP

A 12-week physiotherapy program for four children with cerebral palsy (CP) using an adapted bungee trampoline produced stronger legs and other physical benefits. The children also enjoyed the program and the parents were very satisfied.

Trampolining is fun, and motivates most children to be active. But not all children with a disability can access trampolining because of physical barriers. So engineers at Dreamfit made an adapted bungee trampoline especially for children with disabilities. It is a normal trampoline but has frame above it with elasticated cords attached to a belt providing body weight support.

In our research study, four children with cerebral palsy used the trampoline twice a week for 12 weeks. We found that the program strengthened leg muscles and helped children get up and down quicker. The parents of the four children said that their child improved: the first child got fitter, the second child gained confidence, the third child had less falls and slips, and the fourth child could participate in therapy for longer.

All of the children enjoyed bungee trampolining. Parent satisfaction was extremely high. None of the children got hurt. There was always a physiotherapist supervising them very closely.

We concluded that bungee trampolining, when closely supervised by a physiotherapist, is a safe and enjoyable way of strengthening legs and becoming more active.

This study was part of an Ashleigh Germain’s Honours project.

Research team
Ashleigh Germain (Curtin, Ability Centre), Dr Sian Williams (Curtin), Dr Noula Gibson (Ability Centre), Dr Marie Blackmore (Ability Centre), and Becky Newell (Ability Centre and Kids in Motion Physiotherapy). This project was funded by an Early career researcher (ECR) Research Grant from the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Curtin University.

For more information contact marie.blackmore@abilitycentre.com.au.

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