Our Standards

National Standards for Disability Service

Our services are underpinned by a philosophy of choice and independence for all people. We adhere to the six National Standards for Disability Services:

1. Rights 

You have the right to be treated fairly when using disability services.

2. Participation and Inclusion

You can take part in the community and feel included when you use disability services.

3. Individual Outcomes

Your service supports you to make choices about what you want to do. You can work toward your goals.

4. Feedback and Complaints 

You can tell people what you think about the services you receive.

5. Service Access

Finding and using services is fair. You can access the services you need.

6. Service Management

Disability services should be managed well.

The Department of Social Services has a range of resources available that look at the National Standards for Disability Service in details.

Carers Recognition Act Charter

  • Carers must be treated with respect and dignity.

  • The role of carers must be recognised by including carers in the assessment, planning, delivery and review of services that impact on them and the role of carers.

  • The views and needs of carers must be taken into account along with the views, needs and best interests of people receiving care when decisions are made that impact on carers and    the role of carers.

  • Complaints made by carers in relation to services that impact on them and the role of carers must be given due attention and consideration.

Find the full Carers Recognition Act 2004 here.


To assist us to provide the best services possible, we are committed to ensuring that our customers, and their families and advocates, are encouraged to provide constructive feedback about the organisation or services they receive.

If you would like to make a complaint, compliment or suggestion about the services we provide, we hope that you will feel comfortable talking to us in the first instance. Alternatively, please fill in the Feedback Form, call 1300 106 106 or email info@abilitycentre.com.au.

Shared Living Visitors Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to family members visiting a resident or other visitors to an Ability Centre shared residence. Download the Code of Conduct here.


Ability Centre has a range of polices in areas covering Service Operations, Human Resources, Financial Operations and more. These policies state how Ability Centre will operate, guide decision making processes, provide services and manage staff conduct. Please contact Ability Centre if you would like to view any of these policies.

Risk Appetite Statement

The Risk Appetite Statement is the classification and level of risk Ability Centre is prepared to accept to ensure our objectives of delivering quality services, valuing our customers, focussing on our people, building our communities and strengthening our organisation are met through well informed decision making, high calibre service provision and strategic development. Download the Statement here.